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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Send Tweets Natively Via Siri With This Upcoming Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]

Since the iPhone 4S was successfully jailbroken, there have been loads of Cydia tweaks that are associated with Siri. After all, Siri is one of most interesting features on the new iPhone. Sending tweets with the help of Siri is no big deal, we have already told you a nice little method that gets it done. Wouldn’t it be better if this feature was natively integrated in to Siri and you could tweet directly?

That’s what this upcoming Cydia tweak simply called Sireet plans to do, integrate Siri and Twitter. Whenever you want to send out a tweet, launch Siri and use the word ‘tweet’ to get it started. We recently told you certain Siri tweaks that let you launch apps, toggle system settings and more. This tweak will bring one important feature that Apple forgot to add in to Siri, the ability to send tweets.

Apple has stated that Siri is still in beta, so we could see improvements and more features coming as time goes. Even though the company built Twitter in to the new iOS 5, they forget about mixing things up with Siri. But, for now, we have the jailbreak community for that. iOS developer Tyler Nettleton has posted a teaser video of this tweak in action.

The tweak is not finished yet, but a release within this week is what the hacker has stated and yes it will be free. We will let you know as soon as it’s out, until then give us your thoughts on it!

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