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Monday, January 30, 2012

iPhone 5 Is Nearing Production With A Summer 2012 Launch Date?

When the iPhone 4S was initially released numerous people criticized the smartphone for not being the heavily waited upon “iPhone 5” with a larger screen, re-designed body etc. Regardless of the initial criticism of the iPhone 4S, it did not stop people from buying it, as Apple once again topped the charts this year and ended up selling 37 million iPhone 4S’ in Q1. It is no question that the iPhone 4S is a definite upgrade over the iPhone 4, but if you were hoping more significant physical changes to the device you may be in for a treat.

iPhone 5 gearing for production rumour

In a report from 9to5mac apparently the iPhone 5 (the next generation iPhone) is being geared for production. The source of this information supposedly comes from a Foxconn employee who mentioned various sample devices are currently floating around the factory. The employee goes on to saying that while there are numerous prototypes floating around, all of them have some similarities:

4+ inch display (made by LG on at least one of them)No teardrop-shaped devices as were rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S. Samples so far have been symmetrical in thickness. Also longer/wider.None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factorNone of the devices are final versions

If the report is correct, and the iPhone 5 is gearing up for production, we could very likely see the iPhone 5 released in the Summer of 2012 at the WWDC. Did this article interest you? Do you have any questions or thoughts? If so leave your replies in the comments section below…

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