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Monday, January 30, 2012

British Heart Foundation’s PocketCPR App Provides Real-Time Feedback And Instructions on CPR Using Accelerometer

The British Heart Foundation has released a new app in the App Store called BHF PocketCPR that gives iPhone users a clear step-by-step instructions of how to give a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

In addition to this, the app makes use of iPhone's accelerometer to provide real-time feedback on the CPR so that you perform it at the correct rate and depth.

The BHF PocketCPR includes the following features:

Clear visual and audio step-by-step instructions on Hands-only CPR performance, including initial steps for the Chain of Survival.Precise metronome to pace chest compressions.Accurate ability to detect rate of actual compressions and to state visually and audibly whether to push faster or to push slower.Industry-proven technology to detect the depth of chest compressions.Audio and visual prompts to push harder or to push softer.Feature to detect when chest compressions have stopped and to prompt user to START CPR.Complete Instructions for Use.Ability to capture and email CPR compression data and accelerometer data allowing the user to record the quality of the CPR chest compression training.

You can check out the demo of the app below:

The BHF PocketCPR has been developed by Bio-Detek, a subsidiary of ZOLL Medical Corporation and seems to be a white label version of their PocketCPR app that is also available for free in the App Store with a stamp of approval from British Heart Foundation.

Bio-Detek claims that the technology used in the app is the same as that used in the ZOLL PocketCPR for actual rescue from sudden cardiac arrest.

You can download the app for free from the App Store using this direct iTunes link. It seems to be a very handy app in case of an emergency.

Hat tip to iMore's Chris Oldroyd!

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